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By Harold R. Raymond

One hundred and one drills, equipped via place, for constructing the abilities and strategies necessary to the Wing-T offense. Thorough motives, diagrams and training guidelines accompany each one drill. Covers quarterback, working again, offensive line, and finish drills, in addition to agility and velocity drills.

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On the quarterback's cadence, the designated tight end releases downfield and works for position between the middle dummy and the dummy to his side. If the quarterback holds the ball, the end works to get open on the other side. After the cadence, the quarterback takes a specific drop and finds the end between either pair of dummies. After making the catch, the end returns to the opposite line. Coaching Point: Tight ends should be in their proper stances and execute their release techniques correctly.

The coach should stress using proper ball protection techniques. Page 33 Drill #22: Serpentine Drill Objective: To teach running backs to keep the ball tight to their body while making a move. Equipment Needed: Six large blocking dummies, footballs. Description: The dummies are set up in a straight line five yards apart. The running back should keep the ball in the same hand throughout the drill. He runs a serpentine path through the dummies, keeping the ball tight to his body. The coach should make sure the player does not swing the ball out away from his body while weaving through the dummies.

Page 53 Drill #42: Monkey Roll Objective: To improve ball security. Equipment Needed: Footballs. Description: Running backs are divided into three lines positioned two yards apart on a yard line. The first back in each line has a football. On the coach's command, these three backs step forward five yards. The back in the middle dives and rolls to his right. The back on the right dives sideways over the middle back and rolls left. The back on the left dives over the second back and rolls to his right.

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