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When discussing being caught in a "win-win vs. win-lose" debate, so much negotiation books specialise in face-to-face strategies. but, desk strategies are just the "first size" of David A. Lax and James okay. Sebenius' pathbreaking 3D Negotiation (TM) strategy, constructed from their many years of doing bargains and reading nice dealmakers. strikes of their "second dimension"—deal design—systematically free up financial and noneconomic price through creatively structuring agreements. yet what units the 3D process aside is its "third dimension": setup. prior to exhibiting up at a bargaining consultation, 3-D Negotiators make sure that the suitable events were approached, within the correct series, to deal with the best pursuits, below definitely the right expectancies, and dealing with definitely the right results of strolling away if there isn't any deal. This new arsenal of strikes clear of the desk frequently has the best effect at the negotiated final result. filled with functional steps and situations, 3-D Negotiation demonstrates how greater setup strikes plus insightful deal designs can enable you achieve outstanding agreements on the desk, inconceivable through usual tactics.

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The 3-D Focus on Deal Design Here is deal design in a nutshell: negotiation involves the art and science of drawing up deals that create lasting value. Deal design employs a good old-fashioned tool—the drawing board—in new and productive ways. This is where the win-lose negotiator, in particular, comes up short. In the win-lose mind-set, the broad outlines of the deal are self-evident. So the core challenge of negotiating lies in choosing the best tactics to win—the best price, the most generous terms, or whatever.

A more impatient party can get more of the early money, while his more patient counterpart can get considerably more over a longer period. Differences in cost or revenue structure, tax status, or regulatory arrangements between two parties can be converted into gains for both. If one party mainly cares about how a deal looks to a key constituency, while the other focuses on substance, the right deal design can create value for both. Indeed, for a savvy deal designer, conducting a disciplined “differences inventory” is at least as important a task as identifying areas of common ground.

Title. 48-1992. Table of Contents Praise Title Page Copyright Page Introduction Part One - Overview Chapter One - Negotiate in Three Dimensions Chapter Two - Do a 3-D Audit of Barriers to Agreement Chapter Three - Craft a 3-D Strategy to Overcome the Barriers Part Two - Set Up the Right Negotiation Chapter Four - Get All the Parties Right Chapter Five - Get All the Interests Right Chapter Six - Get the No-Deal Options Right Chapter Seven - Get the Sequence and Basic Process Choices Right Part Three - Design Value-Creating Deals Chapter Eight - Move “Northeast” Chapter Nine - Dovetail Differences Chapter Ten - Make Lasting Deals Chapter Eleven - Negotiate the Spirit of the Deal Part Four - Stress Problem-Solving Tactics Chapter Twelve - Shape Perceptions to Claim Value Chapter Thirteen - Solve Joint Problems to Create and Claim Value Part Five - 3-D Strategies in Practice Chapter Fourteen - Map Backward to Craft a 3-D Strategy Chapter Fifteen - Think Strategically, Act Opportunistically Authors’ Note Notes Index About the Authors Introduction YOU’VE PICKED UP A BOOK on negotiation.

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