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For this and other reasons, the cells are combined into strings one cell wide and as long as necessary to provide the desired voltage level. Each string is provided with a disconnect at each terminal of the string and with overcurrent protection to clear any fault in the wiring or the other battery strings (11). Each string can be disconnected separately for maintenance while the rest of the BESS continues to function. The desirable voltage for most large banks is the maximum voltage that can be accommodated (12) in order to reduce the currents at all points.

5). A A A A Capacity, Amperehours 2265 2088 1680 1280 Ah Ah Ah Ah Percent of 5 h Capacity 100% 92% 74% 56% 239 Battery Efficiency The round trip efficiency (one charge and discharge cycle) of the various batteries is generally between 78% and 85% depending on battery characteristics and rate of charge and discharge. The efficiency may be important for load-leveling diurnal storage stations. If the primary goal is to utilize lowcost off-peak power to supply peak loads, the economic advantage may be lost if the battery efficiency is low.

During periods of low demand the battery is charged, usually at lower cost. During periods of high demand the battery station supplies power, reducing the load on less economical peak-generating facilities. For these applications the cycle is usually daily (diurnal), the storage time needed is in the range of 4 h, and the power level is large, up to 100 MW. Peak Shaving. Peak shaving is similar to load leveling, but may be for the purpose of reducing peak demand rather than for economy of operation.

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