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By Carol Scaini; Carolyn Evans

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Station 5: Trash-ball targets Equipment 3 crumpled-paper balls per student 3 or 4 garbage bins, recycling bins, or basketball hoops (use bins of various heights and sizes) 3 or 4 pylons Activity 1. Students shoot hoops with recycled-paper balls. 2. Challenge students to hit a variety of bins. 3. Challenge students to shoot from various distances, using pylons as markers. • • • Station 6: Make a wish for the earth Equipment 1 bucket or recycling bin 10 coins per student Activity 1. Place a bucket in the middle of a circle in the gym.

2. Run back to start. 5/434720/KE/R2 Circuit and Station Activities 49 This page intentionally left blank. Chapter 4 Literacy and Drama Activities Tell me, I forget. Show me, I remember. Involve me, I understand. —Ancient Chinese proverb The activities in this chapter engage the mind and body by allowing students to think while being active. These literacy and drama activities encourage students to be active and to think about the way we treat Mother Earth and improve self-confidence. Creating a healthy mind, a healthy body, and a healthy world can be possible when we make green choices.

Recycle and save the earth’s resources. Think of an everyday item that you use that can be reused in a different way. Equipment • 1 set of flags or signs attached to broom handles, each with a differ- • ent environmental message per team: • Reduce what you use. • Reuse what you can. • Recycle the rest. • Three cheers for planet Earth! 1 pylon with a hole in the top for each flag Setup • Create four flags on broom handles for each of the groups. • Divide the students into groups of four. • Provide each group with a set of flags.

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