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The specific connections (A-D) in the sensory trigeminal nucleus in the brain stem can result in identical perceptions in the cortex regardless of where the pain was first perceived. (Schwarzer 1993). Sympathetic neurons serve primarily for monitoring the vasomotor status. This monitoring allows optimal adjustment of the blood volume in the genu vasculosum during excursive and incursive condylar movements. There is evidence that, in addition to the vasomotor effect, the sympathetic nervous system also plays a role in pain perception (Roberts 1986, Jahnig 1990, McLachlan et al.

1995). The composition and geometric arrangement of the extracellular matrix proteins within the fibrous cartilage determine its properties (Mills et al. 1994 a,b). Cartilage that can absorb and distribute compressive loads is characterized by a matrix with high water content and high molecular weight chondroitin sulfate in a network of type II collagen (Maroudas 1972, Mow et al. 1992). A low level of functional demand upon the joint leads to an increase of type I collagen and a reduction of type II (Pirttiniemi et al.

36 Anatomy of the Masticatory System Medial Pterygoid Muscle The medial pterygoid muscle, together with the temporal and masseter muscles, are the jaw-closing muscles. This muscle has its origin in the pterygoid fossa of the pterygoid process of the sphenoid bone. From there it extends inferiorly, posteriorly, and laterally to the inner side of the angle of the mandible, where it connects with the masseter to form a muscle sling. The course of the medial pterygoid muscle closely parallels that of the pars superficialis of the masseter.

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