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By Roger S. Macomber

Macomber's ebook doesn't presume a rigorous functional or theoretical heritage in NMR for the reader. it's a useful first step for college kids and self-teachers of NMR. it truly is a superb gateway to extra in depth or mathematical texts.

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Fig. 3. Electron density difference map of tetrafluoroterephthalodinitrile in the molecular plane (from [27]). 075 electrons per Å3, positive contours full lines, negative contours dashed, zero contour dotted. Note the weak density in the C–F bond. , a set of multipoles, each multiplied by a radial function and centered at an atomic position. The Fourier coefficients of FROM MOLECULAR STRUCTURE TOWARDS BIOLOGY 19 the various functions are then added to the free-atom form factors with variable population parameters, which are refined, together with the atomic positional coordinates and ADPs in one giant least-squares analysis.

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