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By Iain Bamforth

During this wide-reaching abecedarium, general practitioner and poet Iain Bamforth dissects the clash of values embodied in what we name medicine—never totally a technological know-how and not rather the paintings it was once. Bamforth brings to undergo his event of drugs from all over the world, from the hightech American sanatorium of Paris to neighborhood overall healthiness centres of Papua, with his enticing curiosity within the stranger manifestations of clinical issues in terms of artwork, literature and tradition. Drawing at the lives and ideas of a few of Europe’s most
celebrated writers, from Auden to Zola with stop-offs on the likes of Darwin, Kafka, Orwell, Proustand Weil alongside the way in which, Bamforth deals insightful and witty diagnoses of the tradition of medication within the glossy age.

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Simply as authenticity. What does he mean? A plastinate is not a mimetic object, like one of those glossy wax models of the seventeenth century which, by virtue of being a representation, keeps its distance. In the museum catalogue a whole-body plastinate is defined as a structural model of the cadaver (it lacks most of the water that makes up four-fifths of the human body). But an artefact can’t be authentic, since an artefact is always the view of a thing, not the thing itself; nor does a cadaver have any innate structural aptitude for self-display.

After several rehearsals, Romains insisted that Jouvet play the character close to his own persona, without caricature—‘Vous avez une occasion magnifique d’être vous-même’—but with an added touch of courtesy, sarcasm, and self-assurance. Jouvet worried 36 that the play was going to be too ‘black’ to attract the public. He was wrong. On its opening night at the Comédie des Champs-Elysées on 15 December 1923, André Gide went backstage to congratulate Jouvet on his performance. From then on Jouvet was Knock.

It was publication of this account of a possible link between Prozac and suicide in the Hastings Center Report which led, controversially, to the rescinding of Healy’s appointment to a post in Toronto. ) Healy outlines how the regulatory response to the thalidomide disaster in the 1960s—in which thousands of infants were born with congenital defects after the German company Grünenthal marketed it as an overthe-counter remedy for nausea in pregnant women—gave rise to the ‘disease states’ that are now essential to secure FDA approval for any new medication.

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