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E. 5 Locative The locative case marks location. It may appear as the case an adposition governs as well as a “locational” locative, where the deixis semantically inherent to a verb is assumed without further specification. 8 The locative marker is -ya, or ya in its free form: (86a) Ang kong-ay-Ø nanga-ya. ’ (86b) Ang baha-ye-Ø AF ya Pahayan. ’ The suffix -ya has an allomorph -ea which is used when the word the suffix is attached to ends in -e. 3, page 20. 1, page 13. 4, page 29, and especially example 64c.

6, page 41. • Noun-noun, verb-noun etc. 2, page 49. 4, page 53. 1 Constituent order typology Main clauses Ayeri exhibits a strong preference for VAP/VS in spite of all NPs being marked for case; consider for example: (56a) V-SA: (56c) Gum-ya ang Sān. ’ V-SP: Binisa-ara sapa-ley. ’ However, if a relative clause modifies A, it is possible to reverse the order of A and P: (57a) V A RelCA P: *Ang binisaye Misan [si məpengalyang tadayya tupas,] sapaley. (57b) V A P RelCA: ? (57c) V P A RelCA: ✓ Ang binisaye Misan sapaley [sang məpengalyang tadayya tupas].

4, page 53. 2 Verb phrase Transitive verb phrases in Ayeri typically consist of a focus marker and a verb. The focus marker is an anaphora to an argument of the verb and indicates that it is the subject of the sentence. The focus marker always leads the verb phrase: (58) Yam nara-yang van-Ø. ’ Furthermore there may be an auxiliary involved. Ayeri’s modal verbs 1 may be interpreted as such in that they add additional information to the content verb. 2, page 19. 2, page 49. Constituent order typology THIS IS STILL A DRAFT 28 grammatical function and does not carry any meaning of its own.

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