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For method of generating CAD master patterns refer to Chapter 5. Other master artworks which may be required at the final stages of the board's development and prior to issuing for pilot production quantities are: Solder side resist master. Component side resist master. Legend/coding master. 46 A guide to printed circuit board design Solder side resist master The solder resist (ink) screen process is required on the solder side of the board primarily to prevent solder 'bridging' across adjacent conductors.

11) RF considerations. With RF circuitry, extra care must be taken with the design layout. Tracks must be kept short, a good ground plane maintained, and decoupling components placed as close as possible to their respective stages. (12) VHF/UHF considerations. With VHF/UHF designs, the tracks themselves may become part of the actual circuit. 'Stripline' (see Glossary) designs especially will specify a track length and width, which must be followed exactly. In this situation, the total involvement of the engineer/circuit designer is crucial to a successful design.

Tape should be put down at one end of the connection, aligned and held so that the slack is taken out, without unnecessary tension, then put down and cut. Owing to the inherent 'memory' in tape, bent tracks will try to straighten out on the master artwork sheet over a period of time; this is sometimes referred to as the 'creepage' factor. Therefore, to avoid this, the tape should be laid in straight lines 'ongrid' with adjacent grids being used as a guide. Angles should be at 45° or 90° with the tape being cut at every change of direction.

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