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Summer b. Winter c. Autumn d. Spring 62. 6 m accommodates ------------ no. of plants per hectare a. 4630 b. 3086 c. 2500 d. 2310 63. Most suitable intercrops for banana plantation is a. Leguminous crops b. Solanaceous crops c. Cucurbitaceous crops d. None of the above 64. Percentage of yield loss due to weeds in tall cultivars of banana is a. 90 % b. 45 % c. 20 % d. 70 % 65. Which of the following banana cultivars is wilt susceptible? a. Rasthali b. Monthan c. Virupakshi d. All the above 66. Removal of suckers is one of the critical operations in banana and it‘s called as a.

Generally energy is liberated in such reactions, Example: respiration. Chelator: A carbon compound that can bind with certain metal cations thereby facilitating their biological activity. Cytochrome: Haem (iron-porphyrin) containing protein, functions as electron carrier in oxidative phosphorylation and other oxidation-reduction reactions. Cytokinins: A group of naturally occurring plant growth hormones that are amino-purine derivatives having specific effect on cytokinesis (cell division), also have other physiological effects in plants.

Temporary wilting: Wilting condition of the plant due to loss of water. The plants are able to recover from wilted condition during the night without addition of any water. Thermoperiodism: The effect on the growth and reproduction of plants of timed exposures to varied temperatures. Thigmotropism: Induced movement of growth that occur in response to an external touch stimulus and are very common in plants which climbed by tendrils. Tissue culture: Method by which isolated plant cells are grown in laboratory on a liquid culture medium.

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