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By Scott Barnes

Approximately Face is a compendium of every little thing makeup artist Scott Barnes has discovered in the course of his profession operating with A-list celebrities together with Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jennifer Aniston. approximately Face is filled with ideas for each zone of make-up program. half One makes a speciality of dramatic makeovers of actual girls with a twist: each one girl is available in having a look the easiest she thinks she will glance. the writer then deconstructs and debunks their glance taking them from appealing to awesome. step by step images define make-up options and items whereas Scott presents statement on how he pinpointed the woman’s most powerful asset and equipped a glance round it. half highlights good looks rituals, must-have make-up goods, and internal and outer arrangements girl needs to embody which will glance appealing and radiate air of secrecy. half 3 makes a speciality of the stars Scott Barnes has labored with.

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