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By John A. Nelson

Vintage scroll observed clocks promote for $5,000 to $8,000. This new development assortment outlines the stairs and strategies essential to mirror those excellent collectibles. Full-sized styles for every clock are supplied and every development is proven in complete colour.

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Rout the lip on the front of the wider stile on one door. Rout the mating lip on the back of the other door. 4 n MARK THE HINGE MORTISES. Use business cards to create even gaps at top and bottom, then mark the hinge ­positions on door and cabinet stiles. 5 6 n USE A SIMPLE TEMPLATE TO DRILL SHELF-PEG HOLES. Drill the shelf-peg holes using a template made of pegboard and a depth gauge made of scrap wood. Drill shelf-peg holes Drilling shelf-peg holes in the bookcase sides makes it easy to adjust the three shelves.

Door panel 1111⁄16 in. by 195⁄ 8 in. Door panel 1111⁄16 in. by 195⁄ 8 in. Make Dadoes and Rabbets The base cabinet sides have dadoes to receive the bottom and the shelf, whereas the bookshelf sides have dadoes to receive the fixed shelf and the top. See “Dado Layout”on p. 41 for the positions of these dadoes. Place the two base cabinet sides on the bench with their inside faces up and their front edges against each other. Make sure they are flush at top and bottom. Use a framing square to lay out the dadoes on both sides (1) (p.

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