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Covers the various elements of recent sign processing structures from the transduction unit via to the reveal

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NON-COHERENTi FSK \ 5 I \ \ \ \ ' *\ I « NON-FADING SIGNALS 10" J 0 I 1 I I j 5 10 15 20 25 MEAN CARRIER-TO-NOISE RATIO P(dB) I 30 Fig. 2. 4 Diversity reception The basic idea underlying diversity reception is that if two or more independent samples of a random process are taken, then these samples will fade in an Diversity techniques in communications receivers 41 uncorrelated manner. It follows that the probability of all the samples being simultaneously below a given level is very much less than the probability of any individual sample being below that level.

Is the propagation constant for the nth mode in the fibre. In the case of hydrostatic pressure upon a bare fibre, it is easy to show that the change of phase 5(f> with pressure SP is given by New underwater acoustic sensors KOH (1 - 2a) LSP 27 [l - y (2Pl2 + /,„)] where, a is the Poisson's ratio of the fibre, E is Young's modulus, fi is the refractive index, pi2,Pu a r e the photoelastic strain coefficients and K0 is the free space propagation constant. For a typical fibre, LSP - - 210 dB re 1 rad |/*Pa|m In the case of a jacketed fibre, the equivalent sensitivity is given by Hocker (2), and is now also a function of the radii of the jacket and fibre and the elastic constants of the jacket as well as the fibre.

The multilayer "ceramic", consists in this case, of three layers with the poling directions reversed, and electrically connected in parallel. As a result, the layers are mechanically in series and the mechanical behaviour of the ensemble is the same as that of a conventional ceramic transmitting transducer of the same size and shape. However, analysis of the electrical characteristics shows that the transducer impedance and voltage drive can easily be chosen to suit the desired design objectives.

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