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(from preface)Volume forty five of Advances in Heterocyclic Chemistry includes 5 contributions, all of which holiday new floor for this sequence. within the first article, Fujita and Nagao describe using heterocycles for the induction of chirality. Thiscontribution represents an instance of how during which our topic is making itself more and more felt in the course of the entire box of chemistry. the second one article, via Tisler, covers heterocyclic quinones, together with the numerous periods during which a heterocycle is fused to a 1,2- or 1,4-benzoquinone ring.In the 3rd article, Porter describes the chemistry of thiophenium salts and ylids, to which he has contributed largely. The chemistry of 1,4-diazocines is gifted by way of Perlmutter; this text follows an previous assessment by way of an analogous writer on azocines in quantity 31 of Advances in Heterocyclic Chemistry. the ultimate article of this quantity, and the second one contribution from Japan, is by means of Tsuge and Kanemasa and bargains with fresh advances in azomethine ylide chemistry.The cumulative index updates, as introduced within the preface to quantity forty, will hide Volumes 41-45 and should seem in quantity forty six. this may hinder a hold up within the booklet of quantity forty five.

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38 39 39 39 53 54 56 63 65 61 69 14 14 I1 19 80 81 82 82 83 84 84 85 88 90 92 91 98 99 100 100 102 . 102 . 105 . . 114 114 115 115 31 Copyright @ 19x9 by Academic Press. Inc . All nghts of reproduction in any form reserved. 38 [Sec. I MIHA TISLER K. Derivatives of 1,4-0xazine and 1,4-Thiazine . 1. 4-Oxazine Derivatives . . . . 2. 1,4-Thiazine Derivatives . . . . VII. Quinones with Two Different Heterocyclic Systems Attached to the Quinone Moiety. . . . A. Pyrroloquinolinequinones.

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