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By Gene Logsdon

Amidst Mad Cow scares and customer matters approximately how cattle are bred, fed, and raised, many farmers and homesteaders are rediscovering the conventional perform of pastoral farming. Grasses, clovers, and forbs are the ordinary vitamin of livestock, horses, and sheep, and are important supplementations for hogs, chickens, and turkeys. shoppers more and more search the wellbeing and fitness advantages of meat from animals raised in eco-friendly paddocks rather than in muddy feedlots.

In All Flesh Is Grass: The Pleasures and supplies of Pasture Farming, Gene Logsdon explains that well-managed pastures are nutritious and palatable—virtual salads for cattle. Leafy pastures additionally carry the soil, foster biodiversity, and create stunning landscapes. Grass farming will be the answer for a under pressure agricultural procedure according to an business version and propped up by way of federal subsidies.

In his transparent and conversational variety, Logsdon explains traditionally potent practices and new suggestions. His hot, informative profiles of profitable grass farmers provide thought and concepts. His narrative is enriched via his personal event as a “contrary farmer” on his artisan-scale farm close to top Sandusky, Ohio.

All Flesh Is Grass may have vast attract the sustainable advertisement farmer, the home-food manufacturer, and all shoppers who care approximately their food.

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My easy answer is the same one I give for any event in history that does not make sense to me: the general insanity of humanity. However, there were other reasons why it did not take hold then. The economy of the late forties and the fifties still seemed, on paper, to favor annual cultivation of grains. Grain farms were still comparatively small and did not buy as many supplies from agribusiness as now. Herbicides were just in their infancy. More of the work now hired out to agribusiness custom services was done by farmers who were accustomed to receiving minimal returns on their labor because the farm supplied some of their costs of living and much of their recreation.

This grass is a minor wonder. It grows even in November, and at the slightest warm spell in March, it starts sending out a few green blades. On December , , as I was writing this, the sheep were still grazing that grass, which came on abundantly after the rains of late fall. Bob Evans thinks bluegrass is a weed that graziers should get rid of. We argue about that. He wins the argument, but I keep my bluegrass. Using agronomic averages for this area, an acre here should carry five sheep or a cow and calf.

If the grazier were raising high-priced animals like some of the new miniature cattle breeds or, perhaps in the future, milking cows that carry inserted genes to make the milk especially beneficial for diabetics (which is being done, by the way), the operation could be as small as a few acres and make good money. Or a pasture farm could be thousands of acres, like a western ranch. But the kind of grazing I am mainly describing here is moderate in size, in the range of fifty to five hundred acres. There is also more than one kind of commercial farmer within this class.

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