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By Higgins, Godfrey ESQ

The treasure of information received in the course of the examine of languages is to liberate the presents of antiquity. This publication is an try and draw apart the veil of the "saitic isis" or an inquiry into the starting place of languages, international locations and religions.

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He removed the seat of the Western doctrine of Wisdom, from the stone circle on Gerizim to Moriah or the Western Sion, for which he has been cursed by the Samaritans, and blessed by his followers, who in consequence assumed the name of the whole tribe exclusively to themselves, that is, Juda-ites, or Yadu-ites, or Jews, sinking the other ten tribes into Schismatics . It will be said, perhaps, that the monarch of Abyssinia was called Ras, because he was the head or the first of the country. This would be fair reasoning if we had not the word explained by the other names of this personage-Johannes, and Butta, and Deus-all which we have seen, or shall presently see, mean wise.

18 ; Ouseley's Coll . Orient. No. III . p. 217 . o Vallan. Vol. IV. Pt . I, pp . 191, 196. 4 Mines de 1'Orient, Vol. VI. pp, 35, 100, 101 . s Prmp . Evang. xi. 14 . 6 Prov. xiii. 12, 22. 7 Sap . xi. 24, xii. 22. a Job xxviii. 12 9 Forster's Travels, Vol . II . p. 11 . to P . 17. 11 Hist. of Cashmir, Asiat 19 Travels, Vol . IIL p . 128, Ed. fol . 1688. Res. Vol. XV. p . 24 . 13 P. 137. 14 The last temple of Solomon was in the mere of the cashi or college ; this is in the town of the cashi or college.

Temp. p . 338 . GQ Ipsi vocant se Chaldaeos, neque Book X. Chapter VIII . " 1 Of course, if all the people spoke the Chaldee the Christians would do so likewise, as they do in Tamul . Sir William Drummond, in his essay on a Punic Inscription, 2 has proved the Geez to be nothing but Hebrew . Sheba's son by Solomon was called Ibn Hakim. This clearly is nothing but =rt prt e-bn-hkm, the son of Wisdom . And it gives us a probable meaning for the word Mr. Hammer says, 4 " Videntur illic pro lapidibus Solomon .

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