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The ANSI/ISO C++ expert Programmers instruction manual is a concise expert C++ reference device that offers all the alterations and addenda to the language specification. It comprises advice and instructions for exerting the complete capability of C++ as a multi-purpose object-oriented programming language. the recent ordinary Briefing part offers insurance of the newest model of the C++ language together with additions and changes to the language, new constructs similar to integrated bool variety, namespaces, RTTI, new header dossier conventions, internalization, reminiscence administration and new solid notation. also, we've got incorporated a handbook of Programming kind, a Compatibility Compendium, and destiny instructions evaluation

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Class Date { private: int day; int month; int year; public: Date & operator += (const Date & d = Date() ); //error, default argument }; This rule might seem arbitrary, but it captures the behavior of built-in operators, which never have default operands either. Operators That Cannot Be Overloaded There are several operators that cannot be overloaded. They are characterized by the fact that they take a name, rather than an object, as their right operand. These operators are: ● Direct member access, operator .

Consider the following example: class Date { public: Date& operator + (const Date& d); //note: operator += not defined }; Date d1, d2; d1 = d1 + d2; //fine; uses overloaded + and default assignment operator d1 += d2; //compile time error: 'no user defined operator += for class Date' Theoretically, the compiler could synthesize a compound operator += by combing the assignment operator and the overloaded + operator so that the expression d1 += d2; is automatically expanded into d1 = d1+d2;. However, this is undesirable because the automatic expansion might be less efficient than a user-defined version of the operator.

The interface of an overloaded += needs to reflect the fact that it modifies its object but not its right operand. 2000 14:45:47] ANSI/ISO C++ Professional Programmer's Handbook - Chapter 3 - Operator Overloading non-const member function. For example class Date { private: int day; int month; int year; public: Date(); //built-in += changes its left operand but not its right one //the same behavior is maintained here Date & operator += (const Date & d); }; To conclude, it can be said that every overloaded operator must implement an interface that is similar to the one that is manifested by the built-in operator.

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