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We will see that the TopicFocus head can be lexicalized, under given conditions, by inserting the only verb that lets through those intrinsic properties of lexical verbs: BE. 20. Exept in cases were the features are checked by Event operators (cf. fn 19 and Ambar (1997)). 21. For the reasons related to Event already pointed out. In fact, it is the verb that introduces events. Note that the verb capacity for checking focus corresponds to an intrinsic property of verbs, not to an optional choice.

When this work was almost concluded, I presented in Budapest the paper “Focus and Movement in Portuguese vs. Hungarian”, departing from work by Kiss (1996). Limitations of space have precluded the inclusion of that study in this work (to appear in the Proceedings of the 20th Anniversary of Portuguese Teaching in the Universities of Hungary, Budapest). 2. For instance, topic/comment (Hockett 1958); thema/rhema (Halliday 1967); categorical/thetic judgments (Kuroda 1972, 1992); declarative/existential (Babby 1980); declarative/presentational (Suñer 1982) etc..

I will call that projection Evaluative Phrase. ASPECTS OF THE SYNTAX OF FOCUS IN PORTUGUESE 6. 41 TopicFocusP vs. EvaluativeP Recall what we observed about (15)–(16). Observe (37): (37) Isto fazem os reis This do the kings What is focused is the subject reis; this sentence is an adequate answer to question Quem faz isto? ’, where the wh-constituent is the subject, but not to Que fazem os reis? ’, where the whconstituent is the object. Notice further that isto ‘this’ in (37) cannot receive contrastive focus interpretation, which, as we have seen, is incompatible with inversion.

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