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By Laurence Leamer

Willi Unsoeld, a legend between mountaineers--a guy whom invoice Moyers calls one of many few giants he has ever met--fearlessly challenged the world's maximum peaks and encouraged a iteration of climbers together with his legacy.

Ascent is the tale of his life--a exciting story of actual and non secular experience that captures the hypnotic strength in the back of this amazing character. From his successful conquest of Everest's forbidding West Ridge to the tragic lack of his daughter at the treacherous slopes of Nanda Devi to his ultimate, deadly test at Mount Rainier, we see Willi as guru and consultant, lover of threat and thinker of risk--a guy whose indomitable spirit prompted such devotion that folks him fearlessly to amazing heights and, occasionally, even to their deaths. A dramatic saga of bravery, bold, and the hunt for non secular fact, Ascent brilliantly captures the mythic determine of Willi Unsoeld.

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He was fascinated. Here was a religion without a Christ, a Buddha, a Mohammed, with gods within gods and meanings within meanings, existing outside time and beyond time. To the Hindu what mattered was the deed. According to the doctrine of Karma, by his own deeds a man was constantly determining his own future life. He would receive his reward in his next life on earth, as his present life was his reward for his last. He would be reincarnated again and again until he had worked his way up and out of the endless cycle of death and pain and suffering that was life.

When I was there I was sleeping on the second floor of this house. ” As he spoke he reached out his hand in a gesture that was refined, almost delicate. “And I plucked off a suntala, a tangerine, right off the tree. ” I believed that it was my destiny to go to the hills. As Willi continued, I grasped the side of the rickety fold-up chair, hoping desperately for Chainpur. “Now some of you, I’m afraid, a few of you, are going to the Terai,” Willi went on in ominous tones, his voice dropping half an octave.

Standing on the river bank, Willi looked like a broken toy soldier whom the murmur of a breeze would have toppled over. Wading into the water, Willi opened the hood. He stared down at the motor like a New Guinea aboriginal seeing his first airplane. “It’s got to be about twenty miles to the road,” Willi said, giving up on the motor. ” the woman volunteer said, scrunching herself up in the back of the jeep. “Well, Willi, I guess I better walk out,” I said. Willi was in no condition for such a trip.

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