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B. Na tha t-o ghoni-a? ' The pronouns thi and tha do double duty as interrogative pronouns 'who' and 'what' respectively. The role of thi and tha in posing content questions is discussed below (page 185ff). 3 Basic noun phrase structure The Lengo noun phrase is minimally comprised of a noun. While the article is rarely omitted, it is absent from time to time and must be considered optional. Beyond this there are optional indicators of possessor (direct and indirect) person and number, along with adjectives and demonstratives.

In (68)b. the -a attached to ghu-vi 'shout-TR' is 'O:3SG' whereas the -a joined to dae 'child' is 'PS:3SG'. 4 Direct possessor The direct possessor pronouns, used with inalienably possessed nouns, are presented in (69). (69) 1IN SG PL DU PAU 1EX -gu -da -mami ko- -da ko- -mami tu- -da tu- -mami 2 -mu -miu ko- -miu tu- -miu 3 -a, -na -dira ko- -dira tu- -dira There are two forms of the 3SG bound possessor pronoun: -a and -na. Of these, -a is the 40 more common (though recall the vowel raising involved when -a 'PS:3SG' joins to a noun that has a final /ɑ/).

The name of the community group being discussed). The addition of the general indirect / alienable possession construction completes the chart below. 49 It is difficult to say whether this has been added to the 1 and 2SG forms or dropped from the others. 52 (95) Possession Constructions possession type direct sematics inalienable class item location / direction syntax N-PS LOC-PS indirect alienable oral general gha-PS NP ni- PS (-O) NP It also completes the discussion of direct and indirect possession.

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