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7) (above). ba-Za. 128 ba-li. This form appears analogous to ba1:Jli (above). The attestation is more sparse, but the eV1denFe thus far indicates a nominal form with first person suffix. 9) ba-Zu. 129 This form appears analogous to baaZu (above). " . is identical to the form in . the name BaZu-Samas, 130 where tne' deity is male, and so appears compatible with deities of either sex. Amorite,131 but -37Edzard has rather convincingly associated the name with the Sumerian , ,\, , 132 personal name B a 1 a - mu - n am - g.

162 A festival in her honor may 163 have been celebrated in the )I1onth--of Kinunum, but this is uncertain. In addition to the pantheon list just mentioned, nine texts from ARM 21 record the delivery of sheep to Belet-ekallim. The following table gives a summary of the pertinent texts. ekallim Istar .. KIRI LU~AL 6 Nergal "; .

Addu' s~two ,other o'ccurrences in ARM 21' are found in, texts 195 and. • . I IS" 325. ts containing. large quantities of gold, silver, and precious ston~s arrives, with ;he ite~s designated fo~the palace, ,,' Samasi 1;,"" and Addu. In text 325, two strips of cloth a~e received for "binding" the statue of Addu. The destination and p~rpose" of the stat'u~,'are not , " recorded. , -l .. , " receives one utupZu-garment of In ARMT 22 157; a certain ManiQa . second q~ality (1 DAM d' , TUG u-tup-Zu, U~): " Maniba is given the designati9n f IM, tlspo\,lse of Addu.

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