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A Lament for the Soul of Atheism. genuine Atheism for genuine Atheists. Rooted in continental philosophy, phenomenology and existential philosophy, Atheism Reclaimed is unique in its try and create various existential options to provide expressions to what an genuine atheism may possibly seem like for the twenty first Century. using thinkers like Heidegger, Nietzsche, Bataille and Ranciere, Virno and Sartre, Patrick O,Connor opens up a brand new direction for atheist suggestion according to questions of time, fact, items and equality towards extra conventional medical materialist bills that underline traditional atheism. O'Connor engages with 5 key moments that, he argues, let us start to construct a brand new conceptual discourse for atheism: Nietzsche's reaction to nihilism; the function of gadgets; an atheistic interpretation of Heidegger's account of time; the unusual relation among fact and violence; and a refiguring of notions of the common.

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The task is to give a vital and positive account of atheism. Atheism cannot simply be a negation, but must take a position in its own right with positive philosophical consequences. When American President Barack Obama gave his Inauguration Speech in 2008 he included reference to atheists. This was rightly celebrated and most welcome. It was, however, a limited reference in that it defined atheism as just another existing stakeholder in society, an option among many potential lifestyle choices.

When we break through this thin filmic glaze that seduces us into the immediate world of objects, we can hear the sound of the sea deep within the shell: moreover, we can consider it being used as a tool such as an ashtray or an ornament, and we can picture it on a table face-up, receiving little wisps of ash. Atheist reflection begins when we recognize the presence that presents itself to us as utterly clear and decisive, but at one and the same time utterly nameless: the smile elicited by the shell as all the pain human drama can congregate.

This requires thinking what a more radical form of atheism might look like in a more concrete sense, in order to stake out its precise coordinates. This call in Nietzsche’s thought has never been taken up by atheism in a sustained fashion. Nietzsche offers a philosophical critique of different kinds of materialism – economic, scientific and cultural – and their attendant consequences for the ethical status of human beings. Nietzsche’s radical form of overcoming humanism offers concepts from which a renewed atheism can begin.

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