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By Gert Walden, Roman Hollenstein, Oliver Herwig, Adolph Stiller, Christian Kühn, Ingeborg Flagge, G. Ullmann, Walter Zschokke

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Many presentations of a person’s work – such as lectures by architects – only serve to expound theories (often vague ones, unfortunately) that, moreover, frequently simply follow the current trends in marketing strategies. From a critical perspective, the phenomenon can be considered a sort of justification attempt; cynically speaking, words are used to package or obscure what’s not there to be seen in the first place. Numerous scientific treatises have explored the problem and dealt in a much more sincere way with the emergence of an idea, which is not a problem, strictly speaking, in the opinion or the constant, personal experience of an architect who builds.

So far, so good – but there is more to the “Solids”: the buildings are consistently designed to be neutral in terms of use, meaning that they can accommodate apartments, offices, childcare or retirement homes as well as D I C H T E PA C K U N G S TA D T | C O M PA C T U R B A N PA C K A G E S europäischen Städtebaus stößt. Solids – auch hier ist der Name Programm: Gemeint ist die Nachhaltigkeit von Gebäuden und ihrem Umfeld. Die sieben Häuser gruppieren sich um eine zentrale Piazza, die Fassaden erinnern ein wenig an die Wohn- und Geschäftshäuser des italienischen Novecento.

Often reinforced by colors or by work on the subtle layers of the façade, the effect is to remind us of Vasarely’s designs that, though two-dimensional in a purely physical sense, are perceived as three-dimensional due to their artistic “manipulation” – which is not surprising, given awareness of the time they were made, though keeping a distance from fads or enthusiastic revivals can be identified as another basic stance espoused by Baumschlager Eberle. We’ve come full circle, not only in terms of historical contemporaneousness; technical feasibility in general, or a positive mastery of life, was at ENTWURF ZU EINEM ENTWURF | THOUGHTS ON DESIGN Auf-Distanz-Gehen zu Modewellen oder enthusiastischen Revivals sich als eine weitere Grundhaltung bei Baumschlager Eberle ausmachen ließe.

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