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By Eleanor Criswell

This ebook offers a starting place for realizing biofeedback and somatics and gives feedback for designing courses for your self or others.

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2 The parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems. As brain waves move up the arousal continuum and you become more aroused, there is a shift from homeostasis or parasympathetic nervous system dominance to sympathetic nervous system dominance. Characteristic changes of the sympathetic nervous system accompany this process. These changes Stimulation, Arousal, Adaptation Level 19 include increased heart rate; increased blood pressure; increased blood flow to the brain, spinal cord and muscles; decreased gastrointestinal activity; decreased blood clotting time; eccrine gland secretion; increased muscle tone; pupil dilation; and brain wave shift to beta-all parts of the preparation for fighting or running (the fight-or-flight response).

Then the experimental treatment is provided to the experimental group. In biofeedback, this might be a series of biofeedback training sessions, perhaps with selected adjunctive procedures. In the hypothetical case above, the adjunctive procedures might be progressive relaxation suggestions. As a biofeedback practitioner, you need to consider yourself a clinicianresearcher. The work that you do is an experiment, whether you are aware of it or not. Your client comes to you with a problem or goal.

I have a feeling that once the SOMA gets a wake-up call, there is no limit to its potential. " HELEN ELAINE, BIOFEEDBACKER 28 Biofeedback and Soma tics 29 SOMATIC ASPECTS The biofeedback process is for many people a first experience in the immediacy of the mind/body connection. Some people realize for the first time the extent of the impact that internal and external stimuli have on them. They find this frightening, and they may have some difficulty in accepting this realization. They may be tempted to deny the evidence.

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