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By Peter Schumacher

facing asthma, hay
fever or neurodermatitis frequently dramatically reduces a patient's caliber of existence.
The luck price for chemical suppression or hyposensitization remedies is
unsatisfactory. moreover, there are elevated numbers of negative effects and

Using decades of well-documented, effectively handled case histories and
his event won in deepest pediatric perform, the writer is ready to
demonstrate that asthma should be healed thoroughly after they are well-known as
a biophysical phenomenon and handled in line with the legislation of biophysics.

Based at the noticeable suggestion of ''bioresonance therapy,'' this ebook
elaborates greatly and systematically at the origin and perform of the
biophysical ''elimination'' of asthma - that's to assert, with no chemical compounds or
the pressure resultant from unwanted side effects, relatively famous in pediatrics.
Recognizing and "Eliminating" asthma utilizing Biophysical

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Together physiological and pathological frequencies are called the patient’s individuated frequencies. 4. The patient’s individuated frequencies can be picked up from the surface of the body and channeled to a therapy device via cable. 5. The patient’s individuated frequencies are transformed into therapeutic frequencies using modern electronics (BICOM device). No technically or otherwise generated frequencies are added. 6. The BICOM device returns the therapeutic frequencies to the patient. Therapy takes place within the patient’s body, not within the therapy device.

Oktober 2004 9:54 09 Scientific and Clinical Allergology 35 Food allergies, one of the most important groups within allergies, cannot be treated by hyposensitization. To date there has been no documented success story. Industry undoubtedly plays a big role in overestimating treatment via hyposensitization, painting an exaggeratedly positive picture of hyposensitization treatment. Commerce with regards to allergen extracts amounts to billions of dollars worldwide. It is not surprising that representatives of allergen-producing pharmaceutical companies regularly appear in the physician’s office optimistically touting their company’s products as effective therapy treatments.

What basic knowledge do the results of C. Smith’s experiments convey to us? 1. Proof of the effectiveness of homeopathic high potencies also in the intangible area (beyond D23 = Loschmidt’s number). 2. Proof of effectiveness of electrical frequencies in a living organism. 3. Proof that water has a memory function for electrical frequencies. 4. Proof of a component of allergy defined by physics, as all aforementioned phenomena are only explicable by physical mechanisms. fm Seite 42 Donnerstag, 7.

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