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By Clint Cornelius C.S.C.S.

An owner's handbook for the human physique.
*for every age, makes and types
*use merely as directed
*one dimension matches all

pride, power and healthiness via snoozing in, consuming often, and enjoying like a baby.

(from the introduction)
This is a ebook for humans. while you're human, this is often for you. (If you're a puppy or cat, undergo or otter, reptile or different homo sapienally-challenged being, cease examining instantly. in addition to, you know what is during this booklet. The extra refined contrast of person, baby or aged, stimulated or lazy, bored or busy, over- or under-educated, artist or govt, doesn't regulate the relevance of what you re approximately to learn: when you are a human, this data will apply.
In a manner, this e-book used to be designed to accomplish the other functionality of a conventional publication (a bizarro-book, when you will); its objective is that will help you reduce the already bloated quantities of knowledge fed to you via the nutrition, nutrients, and workout industries a lot of that is superseded, misguided, deceptive or incomplete. We as a species are swiftly changing into as overweight and inundated with information as bodies are with foodstuff. Your most sensible safeguard is wisdom, so that you could fast parent invaluable info from advertising gimmicks, outright scams, or differently valid courses that variety anyplace from inefficient to downright harmful. and that's the aim of this e-book: to coach you to fish, instead of promote you an auto-renewing fish subscription or the newest in fishing pole expertise, because it have been.

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Your best way of identifying a legitimate trainer isn’t a title; it’s knowing enough that you recognize when something’s wrong. And I’m hoping to help you out with that right now. ” – Cormac McCarthy This is a book for humans. If you are human, this is for you. (If you are a dog or cat, bear or otter, reptile or other homo sapien ally-challenged being, stop reading immediately. ) The more subtle distinction of man or woman, child or elderly, motivated or lazy, bored or busy, over- or under-educated, artist or executive, does not alter the relevance of what you’re about to read: If you are a human, this information will apply.

The author and publisher advise you to take full responsibility for your safety and to know your limits. The information herein is designed to assist you in making your own informed decisions. It is not intended as a substitute for any exercise routines, treatments, or dietary regimens that may have been prescribed by your doctor. If you suspect that you have a medical problem, you are urged to seek competent medical help. As with any dietary or fitness program, you should seek your doctor’s approval before beginning.

Strangers, acquaintances, business associates, friends, and even family respond more positively, warmly, and affectionately to the fit and healthy. They cannot help it. People simply want to be closer to things they perceive positively. The converse is also true; no matter how incredible a person is on the inside, if she or he is weak or fat or scrawny, his or her qualitative image suffers. Observers are unable to help themselves. This applies to self-image as well: weak people often believe they are capable of less; strong and hearty people unreasonably believe themselves capable of greater things.

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