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Mrigasira, Aridra. An*adha,Jyestha, Dhanishta a;rciSatabhisa. The Di!. ilni Jeeva, ar,c the Dasa lords will be the Someas for rliriqrr;ila. qd t€l ael crt

If the sign bc a malefic one, the above aOverse effectswill be experiencedin full. There will be somemitigation of evil effectsin the caseof a beneficsign. Marriage, conjugal happiness,beingblessedwith children, gain of agriculturalproducts,cowsand clithes, fuuouo and recognitionfrom the king (government)and a"hiev"meot of fame, are the effectsin the Chakra Dasa of the sign in the seventhhouse. The beneficialresurtswill be cxperiencedin full if the sign be a beneficone. urir"a in the caseof a malefic sign.

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