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By Jean Viala, Nourit Masson-Sekine

Booklet on butoh, with nice BW pictures in top of the range experiment.

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1, "Silver Bells Fallen in My Lungs"; No. 2, "Hut Man"; No.

CHAPTER III HIJIKATAS LEGACY Dance Love Machine Muteki-sha 1975 1979 1980 1981 1982 1968 1969 1972 1973 1976 1977 1982 1987 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 Dairakuda-kan Sankai-juku 1972 Establishment of Dairakuda-kan "Dance Apricot Machine" 1973 ''Ah Romance" "Kinkon Bird" "Phallus God Story" 1974 "Saint Testicles" "Man Flesh Story" 1975 "Goldfish Plays God" 1976 "Storm" 1977 "Ivory Order" 1978 'Wind Inversion" "Silent Head" 1979 "Head in the Fair Wind" "Peoples Like Poor Pole" 1980 Series of "Lights" 1-6 "Sea Marked Horse" 1981 "Block" 1982 "Susana" "Sea Dappled Horse" 1983 "Melting Breeze" 1984 "Dawn of Japan" 1985 "Gorin No Sho" (fhe Book of Five Rings) 1987 "Rashomon" 1975 Establishment of Sankai-juku 1977 "Amagatsu Sha," (Hommage to Ancient Dolls) Ushio Amagatsu Recital 1978 "Kinkan Shonen" (Kumquat seed) 1979 "Sholiba" 1981 "Bakki" 1982 "Jamon Sha" (Hommage to Prehistory) 1984 "Nersu no Katachi" (Shape of Heat) 1986 "Unetsu" (fhe Eggs Stand Out of Curiosity) Toho YasokaiTByakko-sha 1977 Creation of Toho Yasokai 1980 Creation of Byakko-sha ''The Forest of Hidden Screams" ''The Grand Ceremony of Golden Fish" ''The Forest of Whales' Bones" 1981 "Shonen Shojo no Kusudama" 1982 "Nap on the Grass" "Silent Pleasure" 1983 "Sky Lark and Lying Buddha" 1984 ''Television like Minakata Kumakusu" Establishment of Dance Love Machine "Revenge of the Toad" "Frankenstein's Octopus" "Le Con de la Renarde" "Flesh" ''The Trial of Love" "Girl of Fire" series "Le Prince des Sots" "Detarame" series "Detarame" series "Softly as in a Morning Sunrise" "Musical Potlatch" series Berlin Festival "Kibunteki" "Doctor Notenki I & 11" ''The Sea of Romanoff" Sebi/Ariadone 197 4 Establishment of Ariadone 1975 "Feminine Volcano" 1976 Establishment of Sebi 'Wandering Monk" ''The Blue of the Sky" 1977 ''Tattoo" "Hinagata" series, first performance 1978 ''The Last Eden" 1980 "Zarathoustra" ''The Mummy" "Lotus Summer Cabaret" "Book of Illness" 1981 "Utt" "Neon or Nought" "Zarathoustra" "Lotus Cabaref' 1982 "Improvisation" 1984 "Hime" (the Princess) 1987 "Chiisako" (fhe Spirit of the young Child) "Bicycle Race," choreographed by T.

Memories of July" 1979 "Eyes of the Summer Solstice" 1980 Silver Lung Series No. 1, "Silver Bells Fallen in My Lungs"; No. 2, "Hut Man"; No.

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