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By Samuel P. Harbison, Guy L. Steele Jr.

This best-selling, authoritative reference handbook presents a whole description of the c program languageperiod, the run-time libraries, and a mode of C programming that empha_sizes correctness, portability, and maintainability.

Describing the c programming language extra basically and in additional element than the other e-book, authors Samuel P. Harbison and man L. Steele Jr. offer in one manual:

general C (1999) - the recent revison of the C normal helps complicated and Boolean varieties, variable size arrays, specified floating-point programming, and new libraries for portability and internationalization.
usual C (1989)- the model of C utilized by so much of modern day programmers.
conventional C-common perform ahead of 1990, with thousands of traces of code in use each day.
C++ appropriate C-code that may be used as C or C++.
the total C run-time libraries for all C versions.

C: A Reference handbook is the one booklet that describes all of the info of C-past and current. it's the unmarried must-have reference for all C programmers and implementors.

Thoroughly revised and up-to-date, the elevated 5th version encompasses a whole description of the most recent C usual, ISO/IEC 9899:1999, with its strong language extensions and new libraries.

New! stopover at the website. includes resource code for the longer examples within the booklet, multiplied discussions on language concerns, the most recent ISO/IEC language corrigenda, and hyperlinks to different C assets.

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Example The following code is one of the few cases in which using a macro with the same spelling as a keyword is use ful. The definition allows the use of void in a program built with a non· Standard compiler. 1 Predefined Identifiers Although not a keyword, C99 introduces the concept of a predefined identifier and defines one such: __ func_ . Unlike a predefined maCfO, a predefined identifier can follow nOfmal block scoping rules. Like keywords, predefined identifiers mu st not be defined by programmers.

Standard C wide character constants, designated by the prefix letter L , have type wchar t , an integral type defined in the header file s tddef . h . , Japanese) that are too large to be represented by type char. Wide character constants typicall y consist of a sequence of characters and escape codes that together form a single multibyte character. The mapping from the multibyte character to the corresponding wide character is implementationdefined, corresponding to the mbtowc function, which performs that conversion at run time.

There is no requirement that any of the parameter names be mentioned in the body (although normally they are all mentioned). , zero formal parameters) . This kind of macro is useful to simulate a function that takes no arguments. A functionlike macro takes as many actual arguments as there are fonnal parameters. The macro is invoked by writing its name, a left parenthesis, then one actual argument token sequence for each formal parameter, then a ri ght parenthesis. The actual 48 The C Preprocessor Chap.

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