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By Andrew Koenig

Such a lot traps and tips are renowned, yet it is usually solid programming perform to rememeber them.
So studying this booklet (also for skilled programmers) is advised to most sensible have in mind the root of improvement of well-working software program.

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C array operiitions become much easier. lsion. In particular, it is impo~tant to be able to 27 28 SEMANTIC PITFALLS CHAPTER 3 think about array operations and their corresponding pointer operations interchangeably. Indexing is built into most other languages; in C it is defined in terms of pointer arithmetic. On the way to understanding how arrays work, we must understand how to declare them. For example, int a[ 3]; says that a is an array of three int elements. rray (named p) of four int elements and a double value (named x).

As another exampl~, consider th~ part of a compiler that skips white space while looking for a to~en. Her~, one would want to treat spaces, tabs, and newlines identically except th~t a newline should cause a line counter to be incremented: case case case '\n': linecount++; . 1* no' break *1' '\t': , '. 5 Calling functions Unlike some other programming languages, C requires a function call to have an argument list even if there are no arguments. Thus, if f is a function, f() ; is a statement that calls the function, but f; do'es nothing at all.

Some people may be surprised to find that 1/2*a means lxa 2 and not _1_, 2xa but C behaves the same way in this respect as Fortran, Pascal, and most other programming languages. = bind less tightly than the other relational operators. This allows us, for instance, to see if a and b are in the same relative order as c and d by the expression a < b == c < d Within the logical operators, no two have the same preced~nce. lds more tightly tha~ the corresponding qr operator, and the b~twise exclusive or operator falls between bitwise and and bitwise A or.

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