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By Amelia Pilar Rauter, Thisbe Lindhorst, Yves Queneau, M. Philippe, Jacques Auge, Valerie Molinier, Mattieu Sauthier, Yves Chapleur, Jean-Marie Beau, Qian Wan, Marie-Christine Scherrmann, Richard Daniellou, Jose Kovensky, Slawomir Jarosz, Jean-Maurice Malle

Volume forty of Carbohydrate Chemistry: Chemical and organic methods demonstrates the significance of the glycosciences for innovation and societal development. Carbohydrates are molecules with crucial roles in biology and in addition function renewable assets for the iteration of latest chemical compounds and fabrics. Honouring Professor André Lubineau’s reminiscence, this quantity resembles a unique selection of contributions within the fields of eco-friendly and low-carbon chemistry, cutting edge artificial technique and layout of carbohydrate architectures for medicinal and organic chemistry.

Green technique is illustrated by means of money owed at the commercial improvement of water-promoted reactions (C-glycosylation, cycloadditions) and the layout of eco-friendly procedures and synthons in the direction of sugar-based surfactants and fabrics. The in particular not easy adjustments on the anomeric heart are provided in numerous contributions on glycosylation methodologies utilizing iron or gold catalysis, electrochemical or enzymatic (thio)glycosylation, exo-glycal chemistry and bioengineering of carbohydrate synthases. Then, synthesis and constitution of multivalent and supramolecular oligosaccharide architectures are mentioned and relating to their actual houses and alertness power, e.g. for deepening our realizing of organic procedures, equivalent to enzymatic pathways or bacterial adhesion, and layout of antibacterial, antifungal and cutting edge anticancer vaccines or drugs.

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18  Low environmental impact of Pro-Xylanet since not ecotoxic. The calculation of green indicators based on Pro-Xylanet validated this respect of green chemistry principles (see Fig. 3). For example, we took into account the amount of water used in the reaction for the calculation of the E-Factor. This compound is the first example of ‘‘green’’ chemical described in ´al being the first company to develop a C-glycosyl decosmetics, L’Ore rivative originating from Lubineau’s reaction at an industrial scale.

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