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By Ian Norbury

The most tough belongings you can choose to carve are facial expressions.

Wood is unforgiving yet many carving errors might be simply hidden. regrettably, the best way our brains are programmed make us very delicate to any discrepancy in what we think and what we see while a human face. Than implies that any error might be instantly made evident.

This ebook might help you conquer those problems and assist you step-by-step to arrive that objective of turning into a professional aid carver.

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Remember that if you only look at the front and side you are working in twodimensionsonly. You mustconstantly lookup the face and down it, or you will never achieve perfect symmetry in it. Fig. 126 shows the cawing roughed out with the gouges. More detail of the main masses of the face are then worked using a 3mrn hall ended burr, Fig. 127. A smaller burr is used on the lips, nostrils and in the corners of the eyes. Notice that the modelling around the lips, the hollowing of the cheeks, the eyebrows and naso-labial furrows are well established.

The small creases'between the eyebrows are taken from the bald headed man in Fig. 122, but without the heavy frown. The eyes are large and fully open, looking up at the spear as if with child-like innocence or mystification, but are still fairly heavylidded to give a rather dull sad look. They are also well hollowed below, giving an unhealthy, tired look, emphasised by the hollowing of the cheeks. Thesedetails weretaken from the woman in Fig. 121, the mouth was also altered to resemble this face, by drawing down the corners and slightly emphasising the lines at the corners.

The oriental lady looks as i i she would be a bit of a joker. The downward smile i s curious - one has to cover the entire face exceptior the mouth, before the mouth becomes unhappy a s it should). But the old boy at top left has, I think, what most people would call a bit o i character in his face. Whether this i s simply a stereotype is hard to say. I think there i s something about the eyes, the left one being slightly more closed, as if he were winking at us, the slight cock-eyed smile and the forehead wrinkled on one side giving a slightly quizzical look that makes us warm tothis face-onecould build a wholecharacter around the face.

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