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By Ian F. Darwin

The lint software checker has confirmed repeatedly to be the best instruments for locating portability difficulties and likely varieties of coding mistakes in C courses. This ebook introduces you to lint, publications you thru operating it in your courses, and lets you interpretlint's output.lint verifies a software or software segments opposed to commonplace libraries, assessments the code for universal portability mistakes, and checks the programming opposed to a few attempted and real guidance. linting your code is an important (though now not enough) step in writing fresh, moveable, potent programs.Contents include:

  • Overview of utilizing lint
  • Dealing with lint' matters: casting and delinting
  • lint comments
  • Using lint intimately: command line innovations, utilizing lint with make, rolling your personal lint library
  • Public area programs
  • Under the hood: an within look
  • Future directions

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Taking a cue from the C compiler, SVID versions of lint use ­o to specify the output file, the output being a lint library.  Here we discuss common errors that lint misses, and how to catch them.  Information on how to get sources for these programs is given in Appendix C.  For example: sprintf(buf, "A %20s% d", s, m, n); is rewritten as: sprintf(buf, "A %20s% d", pent_s(s), pent_d(m), pent_d(n)); You must either permanently change the source files with printfck and leave these function calls in place (they could be eliminated for real compiles with cpp macros), or create a temporary copy of each source file.

Here is a simplified diagram of the historical relationships among the variants. Page 54 Page 55 C Supplemental Programs This section contains the man page for each of the programs mentioned in Chapter 5.

But until / PRINTFLIKE / makes it into System V, printfck will remain a useful addition to the effective UNIX programmer's toolkit.  But lint will not spot variable names that are non­unique in the first seven characters.  Another problem is that the program remains ignorant about multi­line character strings continued with ''\".  As I prefer the clash approach, I have not done much with shortc except to verify that it works for simple cases.  I'd consider this sort of restriction intolerable (I'd almost rather write my own assembler and loader than have to put up with such a system), but some of you may be stuck with older operating systems that have these limits.

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