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By E. Joy Bowles

This revised research of the chemistry and pharmacology of aromatherapy oils deals a pragmatic method of studying the fundamentals of crucial oils. relocating step by step on the molecular point via 89 scents, this paintings comprises helpful diagrams in addition to strategies for oil extraction. mentioned are suggestions for utilising some great benefits of aromatherapy to diverse physique structures together with muscle mass and joints, the breathing process, and the immune procedure. an awesome instruction manual for these drawn to aromatherapy as a holistic remedy, this paintings additionally offers many suggestions for the way even the most straightforward functions of aromatherapy can enhance one's caliber of life.

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16 • • THE CHEMISTRY OF AROMATHERAPEUTIC OILS Functional group names A functional group is a chemical entity that gives a molecule its particular characteristics, or its ‘function’. Functional groups can affect the odour, solubility, toxicity and therapeutic properties of molecules. A number of essential oil molecules have one or more functional groups attached to the carbon skeleton of the molecule. 4 summarises the functional groups found in essential oil molecules. Chapter 4 considers the research literature about the therapeutic properties of molecules with different types of functional groups.

Due to the size of oxygen atoms and the way their electrons are arranged, oxygen atoms are strongly ‘electronegative’. Electronegativity is the relative ability of an atom to attract electrons towards its nucleus. 1 • 43 Polarisation of charge in a water molecule slight negative O H slight positive H slight positive bonds are drawn more closely towards the oxygen atom, rather than being equally shared between the two atoms. Other types of highly electronegative atoms are fluorine, nitrogen and chlorine.

1998) examined the ratio and type of constituents produced by jasmine over a 24-hour cycle. Oil from flowers harvested in the morning contained the preferred combination of 38 • • THE CHEMISTRY OF AROMATHERAPEUTIC OILS linalool, benzyl alcohol, cis-jasmone and indole, whereas those harvested in the evening contained higher levels of eugenol, benzyl benzoate and methyl salicylate. 5 A brief overview of the essential oil industry Over 3000 plant species produce essential oils, but only about 300 of these are available commercially.

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