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By Vladimir M. Chernousenko, A.I. Salmychin, J.G. Hine, N. Aristov

Chernousenko's "Chernobyl" is a first-hand account of the occasions and proof surrounding this international catastrophe: the 1st a part of the publication comprises an absoring account of what occurred at Chernobyl nuclear strength station on April 26, 1986, in addition to a evaluation of the rectification measures taken to this point. the writer re-analyzes the motives of the twist of fate, confronting us with startling information about serious layout faults within the (RBMK) reactors of the Chernobyl style. - the second one half offers with the long-range and long term results of the disaster on guy and atmosphere, together with a wealth of but unpublished facts in addition to proposals for destiny motion. - Physicist Vladimir Chernousenko is eminently certified to write down in this subject: In 1986 he used to be appointed consultant of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences in Chernobyl and the "Zone". He labored within the so-called unique quarter (10-km radius round the reactor) the place he obtained huge radiation doses. He used to be co-author of the interior govt record for President Gorbachev and the ideally suited Soviet. until eventually 1991 he used to be scientificdirector of the 30-km exclusion area. - This publication is a crucial step in the direction of setting up the reality concerning the factors of the coincidence and - much more vital - the particular scale of its aftermath. It offers the professional with the medical and scientific facts wanted for extra research and for designing powerful countermeasures, whilethe lay reader will revenue such a lot from the soaking up bills and private statements of eyewitnesses and people without delay stricken by the disaster. - a special selection of photos provides additional poignancy to the written descriptions. Appendices are additional to give an explanation for an important technical phrases for the non-specialist and to supply technical information for the expert. The booklet is of equivalent curiosity to average scientists, medics and laypersons.

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Here are the cancer statistics for the Slavgorod region, with the number of cases following the year: 1981 1982 1985 1986 1987 - 14; 12; 11; 25; 48; 1988 -70; 1989 - 34 (first 6 months only). These figures are made even more horrific by the fact that over the last 2 or 3 years the population of the region has gone down by about 20%. The same trend can be seen in the cancer figures for other regions, including Cherikovo, Krasnopol and Vetka. The deformed animals that have been born have been shown in quite a number of films and television programs.

There was no need to bring the other blocks of the Chemobyl nuclear power station back on line - their contribution to the energy supply of the Soviet Union was not so significant. Instead of these efforts directed towards a political demonstration, it should have been considered necessary to save the people living in the huge region polluted by the fallout of the explosion, with its radioactive isotopes ranging from cesium to plutonium. Vasilii Omelchenko, 41 years old, graduate of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute.

Our plight as a nation and our disgrace in the eyes of the world arising from the state of our nuclear power industry should compel us to carry out a truly detailed, objective, independent, official enquiry into the Chemobyl accident. RBMK Reactors: A significant fraction of the nuclear energy capacity of the USSR, ",50%, or 16 million kW, is produced by RBMK reactors operating at the following nuclear power-stations (NPS): 4 000 MW Leningrad NPS with 4 blocks; 4 000 MW Kursk NPS with 4 blocks; 3 000 MW Chernobyl NPS with 3 blocks (formerly 4); 2 000 MW Smolensk NPS with 2 blocks; 3 000 MW Ignalin NPS with 2 blocks; ("M" denotes "Mega" implying a factor of 106 ).

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