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By David Vallins, Kaz Oishi, Seamus Perry

While postcolonial stories of Romantic-period literature have flourished lately, students have lengthy missed the level of Samuel Taylor Coleridge's engagement with the Orient in either his literary and philsophical writings. Bringing jointly best overseas writers, Coleridge, Romanticism and the Orient is the 1st tremendous exploration of Coleridge's literary and scholarly representations of the east and the ways that those have been stimulated via and went directly to impression his personal paintings and the orientalism of the Romanticists extra generally. Bringing jointly postcolonial, philsophical, historicist and literary-critical views, this groundbreaking publication develops a brand new knowing of 'Orientalism' that recognises the significance of colonial ideologies in Romantic representations of the East in addition to appreciating the original kinds of which means and price which authors equivalent to Coleridge asscoiated with the Orient.

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