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By Jiddu Krishnamurti

"In this quantity, Krishnamurti takes nice care to explain this necessity of a revolution inside of our cognizance the place the matter lies sooner than we think any type of innovative switch outdoor of ourselves. Krishnamurti posits that if the politicians and scientists desired to finish hunger on the planet it can be performed. "" it may be performed, yet they aren't going to do it so long as their pondering relies on nationalism, on causes in their personal own revenue. or even if this far-reaching outward swap have been led to, it sort of feels to me that the matter is way deeper.""

""The challenge isn't only hunger, warfare, the brutality of guy to guy; it's the concern in our personal attention. essentially the matter lies within."""

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So I have to remove from my mind the whole idea of what should be, remove the ideal totally. Then I have only the sense of pride and I can look at it completely. One can see that ideals mean nothing. You are not really idealists, you are verbalists. An ideal is merely an escape from doing something actual. I am proud and I say that tomorrow, later on, I will be without pride. You will never be. So how am I to deal with the fact that I am afraid, that I am proud, that I am arrogant? Because, as I have said, what is important is the individual, not the mass.

It consists of all that you think, all that you want to be, your ambitions, hopes, fears, the totality of all that is yours. You are the product of racial influences, past traditions, what man has passed on for centuries upon centuries; you are also the superficial, sophisticated, educated mind, - the technically trained professor, lawyer, policeman or whatever your training or lack of training has produced. So you are not only the product of the last forty or twenty years, but also the product of the centuries of the past.

I ask you, - what is God? Being a respectable Hindu or Christian or what you will, you will answer according to your conditioning. But God is something unnameable, unknowable, unthinkable by a conditioned mind; it is something which is totally unknown, but your mind answers according to your conditioning. So the challenge is always reduced to time and your responses are always within time. Please think about it with me and do not just deny or accept. There is an art in listening and it is very difficult to listen to something with which you are not familiar.

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