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The pattern of protein phosph orylation is altered in incomp atible pollen tubes (Franklin-Tong et al. 1992) and growth inhibit ion appear s to require change s in pollen gene expres sion, as treatm ent of pollen tubes with the transcr iption inhibit or actin- 2. MOLECULES INVOLVED IN SELF-INCOMPATIBILITY 35 omycin D can partially overcome the self-incompatibility response (Franklin-Tong et al. 1990). These observations suggest a model for selfincompatibility in poppy in which a pollen receptor recognizes the stigmatic 8-protein and initiates a signal transduction pathway involving calcium fluxes and possibly involving the phosphatidyl-inositol pathway (Berridge and Irvine 1989).

Howlett, D. C. Boyes, M. E. Nasrallah, and J. B. Nasrallah. 1991. Molecular cloning of a putative receptor protein kinase gene encoded at the self-incompatibility locus of Brassica oleracea. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. (USA) 88:8816-8820. Straub, J. 1947. Zur entwicklungsphysiologie der selbdtsterilitat von petunia II. Das prinzip des hemmungsmechanismus. Z. Naturforsch 2b:433-444. , M. E. Nasrallah, J. C. Stein, C-H. Chan, and J. B. Nasrallah. 1993. An alternative transcript of the S-locus glycoprotein gene in a class II pollen-recessive selfincompatibility haplotype of Brassica oleracea encodes a membrane-anchored protein.

Plant Cell Physiol. 33:811-814. , M. K. Thorsness, M. K. Kandasamy, T. Nishio, M. Hirai, J. B. Nasrallah, and M. E. Nasrallah. 1991. Activity of an S-locus gene promoter in pistils and anthers of transgenic Brassica. Plant Cell 3:867-876. Scutt, C. , A. P. Fordham-Skelton, and R. R. D. Croy. 1993. Okadaic acid causes breakdown of self-incompatibility in Brassica oJeracea: evidence for the involvement of protein phosphatases in the incompatibility response. Sex. Plant Reprod. 6:282-285. 42 P.

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