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By Donald D. Hearn, M. Pauline Baker

Reflecting the fast enlargement of using special effects and of C++ as a programming language of selection for implementation, this ebook converts all programming code into the C++ language. This new version is an entire revision, bringing the textual content modern with present advances in special effects know-how and purposes. Assuming readers don't have any previous familiarity with special effects, the authors—both professionals of their field—present easy ideas for layout, use, and knowing of special effects structures utilizing their recognized, and available writing sort. It comprises an exploration of GL, PHIGS, PHIGS+, GKS and different pics libraries and covers themes akin to allotted ray tracing, radiosity, bodily established modeling, particle structures, and visualization ideas. For execs in any sector of special effects: CAD, Animation, software program layout, and so on. formerly introduced in 12/2002 catalog.

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