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Non-stop integration (CI) combines widespread integration, consistent readiness, brief construct suggestions cycles, chronic trying out, and a fl exible method of approach requisites. Adopting those practices, and the assisting instruments, calls for rethinking all of your improvement approach. non-stop Integration in .NET exhibits you ways to reimagine your improvement innovations through making a constant non-stop integration approach. you will use visible Studio besides instruments like Subversion, MSBuild, TFS, TeamCity, NUnit, and Selenium.

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This testing tool allows you to specify the functionality of the application; then tests are run against the code to ensure that it works as specified. Chapter 6 is devoted to showing how to integrate these tools with your CI process. There are also several other tools you can add to your CI system. 4 Other tools Have you ever put XML comments into your code? You can, and then extract them and compile them into useful documentation. That’s the purpose of Sandcastle. These comments are most often added by component and framework vendors for building help files.

In most cases, you can merge the changes you’ve made in the labeled version with the main version using only source control system features. info 31 32 Setting up a source control system CHAPTER 2 Or, suppose you’re working on a new feature. You aren’t sure the technique you’ve chosen is the right one. No problem: you set a labeled version and don’t mess with the main version. ). What do you do? You merge. One more thing is especially important if you’re considering setting up a CI process. The golden rule of CI says to keep all the files you need to fully integrate your software in the project directory.

Code coverage will also be presented in chapter 6. Another risk is database updates. It’s never easy to add columns to a table or new tables to a database. With continuous database integration, you’ll know that database changes work properly and without data loss. We’ll discuss continuous database integration in more detail in chapter 11. Developers often hate coding and architectural standards, but they have a useful purpose: they ensure that the application follows best practices, which in turn makes the application perform better and makes it easier to maintain.

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