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1 DC Tachogenerator The DC Tachogenerator is an accurately calibrated miniature DC generator. To function, it requires a constant excitation and, for this reason, the construction usually involves a permanent magnet field system. The armature is wound with fine wire and, partly because of this, only small load current values (in the mA region) should be drawn from the machine. By so minimising the armature resistance voltage drop, the user ensures that, to a very good approximation, terminal voltage is directly proportional to shaft velocity.

12 for further information. 3 Rotary Switch Networks °i °1 o K T applied applied Vkkk ^k DIODE MA TRIX ENCODER Ö21 LOGIC GA TE ENCODER FIG. 3 REFERENCE TRANSDUCERS 43 Where the reference variable is to be set manually using rotary switches, it is normal for each of these switches to have ten positions (representing 0 — 9), so that one switch would be allocated to each decimal digit of the desired value. When the requirement is for digital data, the usual procedure is to encode each decade separately into natural binary code, so that the overall format for the reference data becomes binary-coded-decimal (B C D).

With the active and dummy gauges connected in adjacent arms of the bridge, as shown in Figure 6, temperature effects will cancel out and therefore will not influence V„. ACTIVE Χ χ GAUGE / T / \ ^7 i> \^\ DUMMY

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