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By Jerry D Flack, Karen Meador

Can creativity study? completely! And Meador exhibits you precisely tips on how to nourish creativity and problem-solving talents on your scholars. After offering legitimate types of artistic thinkers showing in notable kid's literature, she bargains quite a few actions you should use to advance inventive techniques via fluency, flexibility, and originality. moreover, there are lists for additional examining and guidance for adapting classes. Grades K-4 (adaptable to different grades).

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Write a letter to a grandparent or other relative discussing activities you have planned for their next visit. Page 9 Closure and Final Evaluation 8. The type of closure depends upon the project chosen in the preceding section; however, closure should include a time to share ideas after the project's completion. Ask how the projects show that there are many "right" answers. Observe students while they work on the projects. Do they generate many ideas before solving their project-planning problems?

Effort It takes more than a thorough understanding of a topic or skill to be constructively creative in that area. Writers, for example, do not simply sit down, pick up a pen or pull out a computer keyboard, and write great stories; they place a great deal of effort into their writing. This author occasionally talks with authors and illustrators of children's books. When questioned about the motivation, effort, and length of time spent on the book, writer Rudolfo Anaya discussed how he worked hard to produce The Farolitos of Christmas (1995).

The character, Miss Tizzy, demonstrates fluency as she thinks of many ways to entertain the neighborhood children. They bake cookies, make puppets, have a parade, and do many other things. When Miss Tizzy becomes ill and can no longer play with them, these children display problem-solving skills. They eventually entertain Miss Tizzy outside her bedroom window using what they learned from her. The book depicts the human cycle: The old woman teaches the young, and they reciprocate her kindness when she is ill.

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