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I am rather having fun with this e-book. even though my hair continues to be regularly comfy, i will see a distinction in my roots. it's not that i am biracial, yet i am learning that my roots are wavy. i cannot wait until eventually i will commence doing the twist outs on my typical hair!

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Your hair can grow to its maximum length when you eliminate the damage. • Curls thrive when they’re allowed to be themselves. 21 Chapter Two Get to Know Your Curls Their Structure and Vulnerabilities W henever I pass a tree, my hair grabs onto the bark. It catches on the rough grain in wood furniture and wraps around buttons, sequins, and other people’s watches. It’s so curly, a brush doesn’t go through it. I get my comb tangled in it every time I comb it. I once had rice poured on my head, and my hair was still raining rice three days later, even after washing and combing.

I spent many years trying to figure out a way to get my hair to act like it was wet when it was dry. Perhaps this was the big appeal of the unfortunate Jheri curl. All that oil made hair seem permanently wet—which in a way it was, but with oil. I’ve since discovered that using a conditioner as described later in this book actually makes dry hair act more like it does when it’s wet. The great part about it is that your hair will look dry, but, unlike with the Jheri curl, it’s touchable. When your hair gets wet, water molecules break the hydrogen bonds in your hair by inserting themselves between the bonds.

Each amino acid is like a different type of bead placed in a specific sequence on the string, and it reacts to its neighbors a bit differently. One amino acid might be irresistibly attracted to a particular neighbor down the string from it. When attracted, the two amino acids cling to each other. When one amino clings tightly to the amino down the way, it changes the shape of the string when they get together. Amino acids feel this attraction at regular intervals up and down the strand. When they’re all bonded to one another, the pattern they create causes the strand to take the shape of a coil.

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