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By Assistant Professor P. I. Kattan, Boyd Professor G. Z. Voyiadjis (auth.)

--------------------------------------------------------- This ebook provides fresh examine on harm mechanics with finite components. specific emphasis is laid on programming the finite point strategy to comprise purposes of da- mage mechanics. This textbook for graduates and researchers in civil, mechanical, aerospace engineering and fabrics technology bargains with the sensible functions of wear mechanics, that have now not seemed sooner than within the literature. The ebook includes study at the separation of voids and cracks in continuum harm mechanics. an academic model of a finite point application for harm mechanics is incorporated on a CD-ROM.

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Di are the damage matrix and its increment at node j of the element under consideration; and NDN represents the number of damage nodes of the element. D;Mj. - ] + OdAj ---. a~ In the above derivation, the consistency condition of yield function -T a~i aM; dM. 49b) 1 is also utilized. 52) j=] 0 in which Bn is the matrix consisting of Bnj = 1, 2, NDN), D; is the damage matrix of the element, and Sbe is the enlarged diagonal matrix of SbO. D; takes the form o D*} o o ] . 32). 58) (DF)T (ID)(DM)dA].

Note that the commands can be entered in capital or lowercase letters; DNA is not case-sensitive. At the DOS prompt, type the following command to start the execution of DNA: followed by pressing "Enter" The computer will ask you now to enter some additional information as follows: (D)elete or (K)eep intermediate files after successful run [DJ> Usually the intermediate files generated during a DNA session are not needed by the user; therefore, type the following command to confirm deletion of these files: D followed by pressing "Enter" If you want to keep the intermediate files, type K instead of D above.

114c). 96). Thus, the expressions involving principal damage variables reduce to those of the uniaxial tension case of the previous example. 117d) which relates shear quantities that do not exist in the uniaxial tension case. 109). 60) to obtain the matrix and fiber stress concentration factors for the case of plane stress. l20). l54) and are not shown here for the sake of simplicity. 153) l66 = M22[ M~lM~2 + + (M~1)2 -(M~3)2J M~l (MllM~2 + MllM~l - 2M13M~3) - Mll (M~3)2. 154) Exercises 1. 34) explicitly.

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