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By Naima Prevots

A little-known episode within the background of dance that illuminates the wider topic of cultural coverage throughout the chilly struggle period.

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Page 1 Introduction Eric Foner The Cold War, which so powerfully shaped the lives of two generations of Americans, has faded into history. But it remains a continuing source of fascination for scholars of the recent past. Naima Prevots's study of how dance was caught up in the era's diplomacy is a welcome addition to a burgeoning literature that views the Cold War as a cultural conflict as well as a clash of armies and ideologies. In what Cold Warriors called the ''battle for the hearts and minds of men," dance played a small, but fascinating role.

I was fortunate to receive a great deal of help from the Eisenhower Library and from the Dance Collection, The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts. Questions and requests were answered immediately, and help was always given with a smile. When I gathered pictures at the Dance Collection, Monica Moseley and Charles Perrier were extremely responsive to my needs. The librarians at American University were wonderful, and I feel privileged to have them as colleagues; no matter what the request, they always came up with the right book or resource.

These were meant to investigate McCarthy's charges that Secretary of the Army Robert T. Stevens and Army Counsel John G. Adams were hampering efforts to uncover Communists in the military. Stevens and Adams countercharged that McCarthy and his assistant Roy Cohn had tried to get preferential treatment for a former staff member, Private G. David Schine. The hearings were carried live on ABC television for nearly two months. " 9 On July 30 a resolution of censure against McCarthy for conduct unbecoming a Senator was introduced by Senator Ralph E.

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