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By Jean-Paul Laumond, Naoko Abe

How and why to jot down a flow? who's the author? who's the reader? they're choreographers operating with dancers. they're roboticists programming robots. they are artists designing cartoons in desktop animation. In all such fields the aim is to specific an purpose a few dance, a selected movement or an motion to accomplish, when it comes to intelligible sequences of user-friendly routine, as a song rating that might be dedicated to movement illustration. regrettably there is not any common language to jot down a movement. movement languages dwell jointly in a Babel tower populated through biomechanists, dance notators, neuroscientists, machine scientists, choreographers, roboticists. each one group handles its personal strategies and speaks its personal language.

The publication money owed for this variety. Its foundation is a distinct workshop held at LAAS-CNRS in Toulouse in 2014.

Worldwide representatives of assorted groups met there. Their problem was once to arrive a mutual figuring out permitting a choreographer to entry robotics techniques, or a working laptop or computer scientist to appreciate the subtleties of dance notation. The liveliness of this multidisciplinary assembly is mirrored by way of the publication thank to the willingness of authors to proportion their very own reviews with others.

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2 Left photo Illustrates an expansive, all-encompassing joy in dancer’s lightly held arms with controlled fingers miming repetitive quick, “talking” gestures; in contrast to the singer’s delicate precisely-focused appeal. Right photo Illustrates a light, sustained, fluid enclosing gesture of shy love in response to a gentle touch. J. Burton et al. Our approach aims to formalize and quantify the relationship between perceived movement qualities and measurable features of movements, to enable this relationship to be exploited for automated recognition and generation of affective movement.

While attempting to capture movement in writing, he developed a system of basic principles and movement language that are encompassed in today’s Laban Movement Analysis. ” [4]. To enable automated movement analysis, a computational understanding of how affect is conveyed through movement was needed. Laban Movement Analysis was used to provide a language useful in the “translation of emotions to algorithms”. Laban Movement Analysis … 29 Laban Movement Analysis is divided into four overarching themes, both quantitative and qualitative.

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