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By Amborn, Hermann; Minker, Gunter; Sasse, Hans J

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Recent Research in Second Language Phonetics/Phonology: Perception and Production

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By Preston Holder, 1-81. ) — 1916[1911]. The Mind of Primitive Man. New York: Macmillan. (Rev. ) — 1917. "Introductory". 1-8. (Repr. ) — 1920a. "The methods of ethnology". S. 22, 311321. (Repr. ) — 1920b. "The classification of American languages". S. 22, 367-376. (Repr. ) — 1929. "Classification of American Indian languages". Language 5: 1-7. (Repr. ) — 1940. Race, Language, and Culture. New York: Macmillan. ) — 1942. "Language and culture". Studies in the History of Culture: The Disci­ plines of the Humanities.

Humboldt is very explicit about that: Grammar and lexicon are only "ein todtes Machwerk wissenschaftlicher Zergliederung", "a dead artifice of sci­ entific analysis" (Humboldt 1903-36 VII: 46), or the "dead skeleton of lan­ guage", "das todte Gerippe": "Die Sprache liegt nur in der verbundenen Rede, Grammatik und Wörterbuch sind kaum ihrem todten Gerippe ver­ gleichbar". ] (Humboldt 1903-36 VI: 147). "Language" for Humboldt means discourse, speech, texts, and the better those texts are, the better this is for the "Weltansicht".

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