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By Gilles Deleuze

“One day, might be, this century may be Deleuzian,” Michel Foucault as soon as wrote. This e-book anthologizes forty texts and interviews written over twenty years through popular French thinker Gilles Deleuze, who died in 1995. The early texts, from 1953-1966 (on Rousseau, Kafka, Jarry, etc.), belong to literary feedback and announce Deleuze’s final ebook, Critique and health facility (1993). yet philosophy essentially predominates within the remainder of the booklet, with sharp value determinations of the thinkers he constantly felt indebted to: Spinoza, Bergson. extra stunning is his acknowledgement of Jean-Paul Sartre as his grasp. “The new issues, a definite new type, a brand new competitive and polemical manner of elevating questions,” he wrote, “come from Sartre.” however the determine of Nietzsche is still via some distance the main seminal, and the presence all through of his buddies and shut collaborators, Felix Guattari and Michel Foucault. The ebook stops almost immediately after the book of Anti-Oedipus, and offers one of those family tree of Deleuze’s proposal in addition to his try and go away philosophy and attach it to the outside—but, he cautions, as a thinker.

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And Plato seems better off than Bergson, because the Idea of a transcendent Good can effectively guide the choice of the right half. In general, however, Bergson refuses help from finality, as though he wanted the method of difference to be self-sufficient. This difficulty may be illusory. We know that the articulations of the real do not define the essence and the aim of the method. Certainly, the difference of nature between two tendencies is an improvement over the difference of degree between things, as well as the difference of intensity between beings: and yet this difference remains external; it is still an external difference.

Internal difference will have to distinguish itself from contradiction, alterity, and negation. This is precisely where Bergson's method and theory of difference are opposed to the other theory, the other method of difference called dialectic, whether it's Plato's dialectic of alterity or Hegel's dialectic of contradiction, each of which imply the presence and the power of the negative. 38 BERGSON'S CONCEPTION OF DIFFERENCE The originality of Bergson's conception resides in showing that internal difference does not go, and is not required to go as far as contradiction, alterity, and negativity, because these three notions are in fact less profound than itself, or they are viewpoints only from the outside.

Difference is no longer between two tendencies; difference is itself one of the tendencies and is always on the right side. External difference has become internal difference. Difference of nature has itself become a nature. More than that, it was so from the beginning. g. " Difference of nature was external only in appearance. In this very appearance, difference of nature was already distinguished from the difference of degree, the difference of intensity, and species-specific difference. However, there are now other distinctions to be made in the state of internal difference: Duration can be presented as substance itself in so far as duration is simple, indivisible.

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