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By Dani Nordin

Itching to construct attention-grabbing tasks with Drupal, yet careworn incidentally it handles layout demanding situations? This concise advisor is helping small groups and solo site designers know how Drupal works via demonstrating the methods it outputs content material. You’ll find out how to deal with Drupal’s output, layout round it, after which flip your layout right into a theme.

In the second one of 3 volumes on Drupal layout, award-winning dressmaker Dani Nordin takes you past uncomplicated web site making plans and teaches you key concepts for operating with issues, layouts, and wireframes. realize how one can use Drupal to make your imaginative and prescient a truth, rather than getting distracted by way of the system’s undertaking and code administration details.
* examine concepts for sketching, wireframing, and designing potent layouts
* holiday down a Drupal structure to appreciate its simple parts
* comprehend Drupal’s topic layer, and what to seem for in a base subject
* paintings with the 960 grid method to facilitate effective wireframing and theming
* deal with Drupal markup, together with the code generated by means of the robust perspectives module
* Use LessCSS to prepare CSS and assist you topic your website extra successfully

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