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By Ricardo Reis, Jochen A. G. Jess

Design of approach on a Chip is the 1st of 2 volumes addressing the layout demanding situations linked to new generations of the semiconductor expertise. some of the chapters are the compilations of tutorials awarded at workshops in Brazil within the fresh years by means of well-known authors from around the world. specifically the 1st ebook bargains with parts and circuits. machine types need to fulfill the stipulations to be computationally low-priced as well as be actual and to scale over a number of generations of know-how. moreover the booklet addresses problems with the parasitic habit of deep sub-micron parts, similar to parameter adaptations and sub-threshold results. additionally a number of authors care for goods like combined sign elements and stories. We finally end up with an exposition of the know-how difficulties to be solved if our group desires to keep the velocity of the "International expertise Roadmap for Semiconductors" (ITRS).

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Since the circuit performances directly depend on the devices’ transconductances, a good control and prediction of the transconductances and the corresponding operating points is crucial, even if they fall in the moderate inversion region. This can easily be done by using the transconductance-to-current ratio modeling approach described in this chapter. Most of the MOS transistor (MOST) models [2] currently available in the public domain have been developed starting from the large-signal strong inversion operation and then extended to weak inversion by different means which not always ensure the continuity and/or the accuracy of the characteristic in the moderate inversion.

VBIC does not include the IRB emitter crowding modulation model of SGP. This effect can be taken into account, to a first order, by using the parameter W BE to partition some of the base-emitter component of base current to Ibex, which is “external” to RBI. This does not work well over all biases, however a simple model of emitter crowding, consistent for both DC and AC modeling, has not yet been developed. If the model is biased so that the base region becomes depleted of charge, the modulated base resistance RBI ⁄qb can become very large.

In Section 3, effects related to short and narrow device geometries are introduced. In particular, simple models for the reverse short-channel effect (RSCE) and the bias dependent series resistances are presented. In Section 4 a dynamic model for the node charges as well as a thermal noise model are developed, using the normalized current as main variable. Some aspects of the model for computer simulation are discussed in Section 5. A 52 Chapter 3 complete parameter extraction method from DC measurements is presented, demonstrating the scalability of the model for submicron CMOS technologies.

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